Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let the Rivalries Begin! (Or maybe not so much...)

So recently there was another grand addition to the powerhouse that we all know as Morning Musume. On the 29th of September 2011, four new members were added to create the tenth generation: Iikubo Haruna(16), Ishida Ayumi(14), Sato Masaki(12), and Kudo Haruka (11). While each of these new members have their own unique charms, there seems to be something vaguely familiar about them that seems to remind most-including myself- of another group of four: the 9th gen.
In both the ninth and tenth generations, there seems to be a repeat of formulas for girls added. I really think that a lot of this has to do with each of their backgrounds from former models to extreme rookies. With this being said, each seems to have a clear cut opposing member.


Even though this seems to be the perfect idea to motivate the ninth gen by adding rivals, I personally highly doubt that the case for these girls being added. Haruna, for example, is a great idol who not only bridges the age gap in MM but also-despite her current lack of confidence-has the ability to become an idol not unlike Sayumi with a little push. Ayumi is one of those girls that pushes the bar for the rest of the members with an amazing talent in dance that is too good to pass up. Plus, she seems to have a great personality that seems to be motivating in a way.
Masaki, on the other hand, might not seem to have a lot of talent at first glance but her talent seems to be in her persistance and her ability to always do her best and understand that there is never something that can't be improved upon. Haruka is just such a strong powerhouse that is almost unexpected in a way. Based upon first glance, she just looks like a small, adorable 11 year old. However, she performs with such an amazing skill that she almost transforms into a completely other person on stage.
In conclusion, the reason I believed that these girls where choosen was more in terms of their assests that they can bring to the group than to become rivals for the previously added gen. Although you never know for sure what will happen at this point in the game.

(Just a note: as this was posted from my phone, I will add pictures later.)

Hello (Again!)

For those of you who are more recent to the H!P fandom might not remember this blog from back when I originally started it back in 2007. It was originally located over on wordpress @Hp Smoothies. I also even had it moved to VOX for a bit before they closed down. :) However, I have discovered alot of time on my hands recently and are ready to return to the wide world of blogging! I will post more on this site later today! I will comment on everything in the H!P World from my own strange and perplexing views as always. 
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